Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day and more

well, last post I did promise some piccies from my mum's Party....the lovely Natti from SoF took these (thanks again darl!) love your work ;) It was a lovely morning tea and Mum is STILL talking about it and we are still talking about how she didn't have a CLUE!!

Valentine's day here was not much of an occassion, but it did remind me that three years ago Mark gave me a very special Valentine's day present.... a puppy! Calvin is such a huge part of our lives! Not much has changed! He is still the same goofy (yet highly intelligent) Labrador that loves a cuddle, a walk and a snuggle in bed! I can't believe it has been three years, Love you Calvie! xxoo

Thats it from here,

although we are preparing for cyclone Nicholas, I don't think it will come close though, we are too far inland for it to cause too much damage!

See ya


Sunday, February 10, 2008

been a while!

Well, it sure has BEEN A WHILE! so sorry for all those out there wanting to hear from us!

We had a wonderful Christmas here in Tom Price and are enjoying our Summer (as hot as it is!)

Joanna and I (Alex) have returned from our trip to Brisbane and are glad to be back home despite the wonderful time we had visiting lots of friends, family and of course catching up with our shopping! We also enjoyed suprising Grandma (my mum) with her surprise 60th Birthday Party hehehe (more pictures to come!) Below photos with Carla and Aunty Berta.

Joanna is now well and truly walking (took her first steps while we were away mid january!!) and is keeping us busy as usual. She has enjoyed being back home with Daddy and Calvin and her little friends and even helped her little friend Jorja celebrate her first Birthday the other day by encouraging her to walk! (needless to say that Jorja's parents we thrilled!)
L to R - Joanna, Jorja (birthday Girl) and Sienna

It is my aim to update this more regularly now that we are home!

So look forward to sharing with you more soon!