Monday, August 27, 2007

BIG week

Hi everyone,

well, what a week we had last week! The Runge's came for a visit on their way overseas to America, it was wonderful to see them :) They loved seeing Joanna and how big she has grown too! (below is a photo of their plane!)

Mark has started his new job. Still here with Rio just in a different section of Metallurgy. He seems to be enjoying it :)
I have finished my circle journal which is due to be sent off this week for Scrap of Faith. For those of you who don't know what a Circle Journal is, let me explain. Ten of us girls from Scrap of Faith have created a journal each. It could be on any topic, I chose Favourite Things. On the first of September we send them to the next person on the list of ten, we do this every month for ten months. By the end of ten months I will have my journal back with ten different entries in it from my SoF friends and they will each have their journals back! It will make its way around the country and even to New Zealand and Ethiopia!!!

Joanna had her second lot of needles this week too! She was sooo good! Only cried for about a minute! We went home and I put her to bed, she only had a temp that night and a little the next day, big relief after last time :( But she seems to have recovered fine. Her favourite thing at the moment is her Jolly Jumper. She partiularly likes it when we play music for her and she bounces away in time to it! So CUTE!!!

This week was also netball finals here on Friday night! No, we were not in the final, but nevermind :) They were such close games, Nameless defeated Jimmies by 6 in B Grade. In a Grade Dingoes defeated Geckos by 7 ( i think that is right). We had a great night afterwards and partied on! I have become quite attached to my netball and the girls i have met playing :) Can't wait for ,ixed to start in fourth term!