Monday, May 5, 2008

Dogs everywhere!!

Ok, so you can say it.... I am a glutten for punishment! I offered to look after two Beagles for 10 days while their family went away, i know, i know! But it really wasn't that bad! Here are the photos to prove it, there were just soooo cute, I couldn't resist!

Joanna is getting cuter by the day and is no long my little baby! She is such a BIG gilr now! she loves to just sit and read her books and she now gives BIG kisses! soooo cute :) New words now include hello, bye, that and what. She is at the moment still getting over her one year needles though, three in one visit is NOT nice (for mum or bubs!)

Thats all from us for now, sorry its so short! we are planning our holiday down south at the moment and my dad is visiting next week from Brissie so looking forward to that!

see you soon