Thursday, November 1, 2007

Busy busy

Sorry, for all those that have been waiting for photos, it has been busy around here just recently! Well, although I feel that we have been busy there really isn't all that much to tell!

However I have managed to get some more scrapping done recently! This is my favourite layout below.

Joanna is now sitting up very well by herself! Yeh, so much nicer then always lying down, now she can really 'Play'. She is also crawling very well now and frequently chases after Calvin! He does not seem to mind, if she is too rough he just moves away and she crawls after him!

We had picnic day 2 weeks ago on the Sunday, this is where everyone in town goes down to the main oval for a picnic put on by the company (rio tinto). Everything is free, rides, games, food, drinks and entertainment! We had a nice time, it was nice to get out with Joanna and our friends, she enjoyed crawling around the picnic rug and got her first experience of grass ;) Photo above is from that day! In her cute red outfit and hat from Grandma and Aunty Berta!

Hehehe, what a cutie! She is just so happy to crawl around at the moment! Love these overalls that Aunty teeny sent! Once again i am having problems trying to rotate my photos so u will just have to tilt your head to the side! SORRY, will have to find out how to fix this! I love this photo that Mark took the other day! Look at those cheeks!

Well, that is almost it from us! We are most excited (well I am anyway!) that Joanna and I will be coming to Brisbane in January for mums birthday! Can't wait to see everyone and for them to meet the wonderful little girl Joanna is!

Until next time,


PS next post will be more exciting, promise! As we will have had our trip to Perth!