Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lots of Milestones!

Hello again! Yes, I have managed to post without too much time passing!

Last week we started Joanna on rice cereal, she doesn't mind it but is not so fussed! She likes it a bit more now that I mix pureed fruit in with it, so do i! Plain rice cereal isn't that flash, trust me :) So there goes another milestone! sob sob......(sorry about the sideways photos, i cant seem to turn them for some reason!!!)

Joanna also cut her first tooth last week, without me realising (felt like such a bad mum!) No real problems, suppose thats why i didn't really notice. Its the bottom one, and now the other is coming through aswell!

Well this week has been a short one. It was a long weekend here so we decided to take advantage of that and we decided to go camping, well kind of! Karajini National Park is only 40mins drive from us and they have recently opened an eco-lodge out there so we went and checked it out! It was very HOT! 37deg! In a tent with a baby, I don't suggest it! But we had fun, once we got over that. The monday we set off ealry and headed done Kalamina Gorge. It is a nice short walk down adn back, i was told that I would manage it with Joanna in the pouch, which i did. We got to the bottom and found a little stream and joanna dipped her feet in and played with Mark while I fiddled with his camera, see below!

She is starting to really move about lots! Getting up on her knees and trying to crawl and today she was getting very very frustrated when she all of a sudden let out "bub bub" I was shocked! She has been babbling for a while but this was clear as day! :) It made my day! She has been saying it as I have been trying to put her to bed tonight also, I suppose I won't be able to stop her now. (had to put this photo in for Aunty Berta! she got this cute outfit for J!)
As I write this I am also trying to put her to be (and watch the rugby, GO THE WALLABIES!!!) she has also just said "Mama". I picked her up, she looked me straight in the eye and said it! So sweet! Mark is now madly saying dadadadaadaada :) It will come ;)
So there u have it lots of Milestones!
Oh, we also attended a Kindermusiq class today! A freind of ours is starting them next year and she invited us to attend with Joanna as a practice! We had a wonderful time, singing and dancing and Mark came and took some photos for Maggies advertising! Should be lots of fun, another musician in the family hey?! who knows ;) (photo below was taken at Kindermusiq today! :)

Must be off!