Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day and more

well, last post I did promise some piccies from my mum's Party....the lovely Natti from SoF took these (thanks again darl!) love your work ;) It was a lovely morning tea and Mum is STILL talking about it and we are still talking about how she didn't have a CLUE!!

Valentine's day here was not much of an occassion, but it did remind me that three years ago Mark gave me a very special Valentine's day present.... a puppy! Calvin is such a huge part of our lives! Not much has changed! He is still the same goofy (yet highly intelligent) Labrador that loves a cuddle, a walk and a snuggle in bed! I can't believe it has been three years, Love you Calvie! xxoo

Thats it from here,

although we are preparing for cyclone Nicholas, I don't think it will come close though, we are too far inland for it to cause too much damage!

See ya


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AngC said...

That morning tea looks SO YUMMY!!