Thursday, November 1, 2007

Busy busy

Sorry, for all those that have been waiting for photos, it has been busy around here just recently! Well, although I feel that we have been busy there really isn't all that much to tell!

However I have managed to get some more scrapping done recently! This is my favourite layout below.

Joanna is now sitting up very well by herself! Yeh, so much nicer then always lying down, now she can really 'Play'. She is also crawling very well now and frequently chases after Calvin! He does not seem to mind, if she is too rough he just moves away and she crawls after him!

We had picnic day 2 weeks ago on the Sunday, this is where everyone in town goes down to the main oval for a picnic put on by the company (rio tinto). Everything is free, rides, games, food, drinks and entertainment! We had a nice time, it was nice to get out with Joanna and our friends, she enjoyed crawling around the picnic rug and got her first experience of grass ;) Photo above is from that day! In her cute red outfit and hat from Grandma and Aunty Berta!

Hehehe, what a cutie! She is just so happy to crawl around at the moment! Love these overalls that Aunty teeny sent! Once again i am having problems trying to rotate my photos so u will just have to tilt your head to the side! SORRY, will have to find out how to fix this! I love this photo that Mark took the other day! Look at those cheeks!

Well, that is almost it from us! We are most excited (well I am anyway!) that Joanna and I will be coming to Brisbane in January for mums birthday! Can't wait to see everyone and for them to meet the wonderful little girl Joanna is!

Until next time,


PS next post will be more exciting, promise! As we will have had our trip to Perth!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lots of Milestones!

Hello again! Yes, I have managed to post without too much time passing!

Last week we started Joanna on rice cereal, she doesn't mind it but is not so fussed! She likes it a bit more now that I mix pureed fruit in with it, so do i! Plain rice cereal isn't that flash, trust me :) So there goes another milestone! sob sob......(sorry about the sideways photos, i cant seem to turn them for some reason!!!)

Joanna also cut her first tooth last week, without me realising (felt like such a bad mum!) No real problems, suppose thats why i didn't really notice. Its the bottom one, and now the other is coming through aswell!

Well this week has been a short one. It was a long weekend here so we decided to take advantage of that and we decided to go camping, well kind of! Karajini National Park is only 40mins drive from us and they have recently opened an eco-lodge out there so we went and checked it out! It was very HOT! 37deg! In a tent with a baby, I don't suggest it! But we had fun, once we got over that. The monday we set off ealry and headed done Kalamina Gorge. It is a nice short walk down adn back, i was told that I would manage it with Joanna in the pouch, which i did. We got to the bottom and found a little stream and joanna dipped her feet in and played with Mark while I fiddled with his camera, see below!

She is starting to really move about lots! Getting up on her knees and trying to crawl and today she was getting very very frustrated when she all of a sudden let out "bub bub" I was shocked! She has been babbling for a while but this was clear as day! :) It made my day! She has been saying it as I have been trying to put her to bed tonight also, I suppose I won't be able to stop her now. (had to put this photo in for Aunty Berta! she got this cute outfit for J!)
As I write this I am also trying to put her to be (and watch the rugby, GO THE WALLABIES!!!) she has also just said "Mama". I picked her up, she looked me straight in the eye and said it! So sweet! Mark is now madly saying dadadadaadaada :) It will come ;)
So there u have it lots of Milestones!
Oh, we also attended a Kindermusiq class today! A freind of ours is starting them next year and she invited us to attend with Joanna as a practice! We had a wonderful time, singing and dancing and Mark came and took some photos for Maggies advertising! Should be lots of fun, another musician in the family hey?! who knows ;) (photo below was taken at Kindermusiq today! :)

Must be off!


Monday, September 24, 2007


Yes, yes I know that it has been a LONG time since I have posted anything and sooo much has happened since then! So let me fill you in......

Well we had my Birthday and Fathers Day (same day!!) which was interesting, I am still deciding what to get, cause we are going to Karratha to go shopping in a few weeks! YEAH shops!!

Joanna and I now meet with our mums group friends once a week and have lunch with them and their bubs! So that has been nice :) The girls are all getting to the age where they are starting to interact with each other! Its is also nice to have someone else make lunch for you!!! :)
The photo below is of Jorja (left) and Joanna!

Mark has recently climbed Mt Bruce (again). Mt Bruce is the second tallest Mt in WA, Mt Meharry it is the tallest, we are yet to do that one!!! They left town at 5am so that they could be up the Mt before it go too hot!

Joanna turned 6 months on the 17th (last week). She is beginning to sit up and is trying to crawl! She is just so cute and is still such a good girl for us!!! We have just started feeding her solids this week :) Rice cereal! Mmmmm fun! She seems to be indifferent on this one, just enjoys making a mess I think!

The video above was taken the day Joanna turned 6 months, please excuse the crazy mummy talk, as this seems to be the only way I can get her attention!

We have also had an extra member of the family come to stay with us! Calvin's brother Jabaree has been with us for the last two weeks, just during the days and then last weekend! They are so funny together. Joanna just loves to watch them! The photo below is the two of them in Calvin's bed! Jabaree is on the left and Calvin the right. They look so much alike that even I have trouble telling the apart sometimes ;)

Anyways I think that is it!
Sorry it has taken so long!

Enjoy the piccies

Monday, August 27, 2007

BIG week

Hi everyone,

well, what a week we had last week! The Runge's came for a visit on their way overseas to America, it was wonderful to see them :) They loved seeing Joanna and how big she has grown too! (below is a photo of their plane!)

Mark has started his new job. Still here with Rio just in a different section of Metallurgy. He seems to be enjoying it :)
I have finished my circle journal which is due to be sent off this week for Scrap of Faith. For those of you who don't know what a Circle Journal is, let me explain. Ten of us girls from Scrap of Faith have created a journal each. It could be on any topic, I chose Favourite Things. On the first of September we send them to the next person on the list of ten, we do this every month for ten months. By the end of ten months I will have my journal back with ten different entries in it from my SoF friends and they will each have their journals back! It will make its way around the country and even to New Zealand and Ethiopia!!!

Joanna had her second lot of needles this week too! She was sooo good! Only cried for about a minute! We went home and I put her to bed, she only had a temp that night and a little the next day, big relief after last time :( But she seems to have recovered fine. Her favourite thing at the moment is her Jolly Jumper. She partiularly likes it when we play music for her and she bounces away in time to it! So CUTE!!!

This week was also netball finals here on Friday night! No, we were not in the final, but nevermind :) They were such close games, Nameless defeated Jimmies by 6 in B Grade. In a Grade Dingoes defeated Geckos by 7 ( i think that is right). We had a great night afterwards and partied on! I have become quite attached to my netball and the girls i have met playing :) Can't wait for ,ixed to start in fourth term!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

5 Months has gone REALLY fast!!

Well, I cannot believe that today our little Joanna is 5 months old! She is just so adorable and has such a beautiful personality. At the moment though she still has a cold and also has a blocked tear duct. Despite all this she is still able to give mummy a big smile for the camera!

The bunny rabbit that she is photographed with was given to us when she was born. I have managed to take pictures of her with it every week for the first month and then once a month! It is amazing to see just how much she has grown.

She has just recently discovered her feet and constantly grasps for them! It is just so cute :) She is also rolling now too....gotta watch her closely. She has also worked out that sucking her thumb is good and that it may be even better then mum! We often find her asleep now with her thumb in her cute!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Namless Festival 2007

Well, another one has gone! Last weekend was Nameless Festival 2007. It was a great weekend even if half the town were sick (including us!). The highlight of our weekend would have to have been oiur wins at the Peoples Exhibit. Mark won 'Best Portrayal of Pilbara People" for his photo from the 2006 Pannawonica Rodeo and I won "Best Combination of functionality and Artistry" for my Recipe Tin! (What a creative bunch we are!!!).

But that's not what its ALL about, the food, rides and entertainment were great too! It was a great weekend :)

First Post

Well, hello everyone! Welcome to our blog :) Here u will be able to catch up on what we are up to all the way out here in the middle of nowhere. I am just new to this blogging thing so have some patience as we get started.
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