Sunday, July 13, 2008

Top 5 holiday snaps

Well, here we are again, safe and sound at home, thought I would share some piccies from our holiday down south!

Ok so we first went thru Perth and stayed with Jodi and Jamin and then went thru to Quinninup which is about 60kms out of Pemberton. ( Joanna enjoying the company of Aunty Jodi's Bartholemooo)

We almost didn't get there because we found out the day before that our car was missing a VERY important part! There was only one bolt holding something somewhere!!! So the boys made themselves busy and fixed that but we didn't end up leaving Perth til VERY late (4pm) so we unfortuately didn't get to meet my lovely SoF friend Gayle and her family in Narrogin :( Nevermind, maybe next time Gayle! (Photo below taken at the Wine and Truffle farm in Manjimup! They have a lovely big tree and nice grass to play on!)

Once we got there we stayed in this nice but COLD house for 7 nights then and explored places like Pemberton, Bridgeton, Walpole, Denmark and Northcliffe. (bottom photo of Mark and Joanna enjoying the Tree Top walk)

We then moved on from there and moved North West to Margaret River where we stayed on a lovely Farmstay, which was very nice for 4 nights! We ventured out to wineries and brewries and other such places and enjoyed it very much.

We then headed back to Perth and stayed with our friends the Wilsons. Mark drove home and Joanna and I managed to catch up on some shopping :) and we flew home a few days later! (much nicer then the 18hrs drive!!!!)

Thats all for now will share some more soon, Joanna is not well at the moment so I don't have much time for myself!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Dogs everywhere!!

Ok, so you can say it.... I am a glutten for punishment! I offered to look after two Beagles for 10 days while their family went away, i know, i know! But it really wasn't that bad! Here are the photos to prove it, there were just soooo cute, I couldn't resist!

Joanna is getting cuter by the day and is no long my little baby! She is such a BIG gilr now! she loves to just sit and read her books and she now gives BIG kisses! soooo cute :) New words now include hello, bye, that and what. She is at the moment still getting over her one year needles though, three in one visit is NOT nice (for mum or bubs!)

Thats all from us for now, sorry its so short! we are planning our holiday down south at the moment and my dad is visiting next week from Brissie so looking forward to that!

see you soon

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Special Birthday

Firstly, let me say I am sorry that it has taken so long to get these photos of Joanna's Birthday up! We have had some major issues with our internet connection which left us without for about 2 weeks in total! But i hope these photos satisfy you all! As you can probably tell we had a GREEN party, due to the fact that she was born on St Patricks Day!

We had a lovely day for Joanna's first birthday with all her friends and ours and I simply can't believe that my little baby is now such a grown up little girl, well and truely walking now :)

Her latest thing is pointing to everything and anything, waving bye and clapping her hands! She is also enjoying kindermusik and playgroup once a week! She also continues to love reading, especially spot books and now points to things in books when asked! What a clever girl :)

I will endevour to get a decent video of her walking to post so you can all see soon!

bye for now


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day and more

well, last post I did promise some piccies from my mum's Party....the lovely Natti from SoF took these (thanks again darl!) love your work ;) It was a lovely morning tea and Mum is STILL talking about it and we are still talking about how she didn't have a CLUE!!

Valentine's day here was not much of an occassion, but it did remind me that three years ago Mark gave me a very special Valentine's day present.... a puppy! Calvin is such a huge part of our lives! Not much has changed! He is still the same goofy (yet highly intelligent) Labrador that loves a cuddle, a walk and a snuggle in bed! I can't believe it has been three years, Love you Calvie! xxoo

Thats it from here,

although we are preparing for cyclone Nicholas, I don't think it will come close though, we are too far inland for it to cause too much damage!

See ya


Sunday, February 10, 2008

been a while!

Well, it sure has BEEN A WHILE! so sorry for all those out there wanting to hear from us!

We had a wonderful Christmas here in Tom Price and are enjoying our Summer (as hot as it is!)

Joanna and I (Alex) have returned from our trip to Brisbane and are glad to be back home despite the wonderful time we had visiting lots of friends, family and of course catching up with our shopping! We also enjoyed suprising Grandma (my mum) with her surprise 60th Birthday Party hehehe (more pictures to come!) Below photos with Carla and Aunty Berta.

Joanna is now well and truly walking (took her first steps while we were away mid january!!) and is keeping us busy as usual. She has enjoyed being back home with Daddy and Calvin and her little friends and even helped her little friend Jorja celebrate her first Birthday the other day by encouraging her to walk! (needless to say that Jorja's parents we thrilled!)
L to R - Joanna, Jorja (birthday Girl) and Sienna

It is my aim to update this more regularly now that we are home!

So look forward to sharing with you more soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Busy busy

Sorry, for all those that have been waiting for photos, it has been busy around here just recently! Well, although I feel that we have been busy there really isn't all that much to tell!

However I have managed to get some more scrapping done recently! This is my favourite layout below.

Joanna is now sitting up very well by herself! Yeh, so much nicer then always lying down, now she can really 'Play'. She is also crawling very well now and frequently chases after Calvin! He does not seem to mind, if she is too rough he just moves away and she crawls after him!

We had picnic day 2 weeks ago on the Sunday, this is where everyone in town goes down to the main oval for a picnic put on by the company (rio tinto). Everything is free, rides, games, food, drinks and entertainment! We had a nice time, it was nice to get out with Joanna and our friends, she enjoyed crawling around the picnic rug and got her first experience of grass ;) Photo above is from that day! In her cute red outfit and hat from Grandma and Aunty Berta!

Hehehe, what a cutie! She is just so happy to crawl around at the moment! Love these overalls that Aunty teeny sent! Once again i am having problems trying to rotate my photos so u will just have to tilt your head to the side! SORRY, will have to find out how to fix this! I love this photo that Mark took the other day! Look at those cheeks!

Well, that is almost it from us! We are most excited (well I am anyway!) that Joanna and I will be coming to Brisbane in January for mums birthday! Can't wait to see everyone and for them to meet the wonderful little girl Joanna is!

Until next time,


PS next post will be more exciting, promise! As we will have had our trip to Perth!